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Migraine headaches are a debilitating collection of neurological symptoms often accompanied by one or more of the following: visual disturbances, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, extreme sensitivity to sound, light, touch, and smell, and tingling or numbness in the extremities or face. A common disorder, about 30 million people in America suffer from this condition to varying degrees. In this CME offering from NeuroSeriesLive, Dr. Stephen D. Silberstein Professor of Neurology at Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, reviews current and emerging formulations for the treatment of acute migraine. Dr. Silberstein collaborates with Dr. Michael J. Marmura, Assistant Professor of Neurology at Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, to determine appropriate treatment plans for the management of patients with acute migraine headache, matching patient needs with the latest treatment options.


Acute Migraine Treatment Options

Treatment options for acute migraine depend on pinpointing diagnosis, ruling out alternative etiologies, and ordering appropriate studies. With headache relief as the ultimate goal, both acute and preventive therapies need to be considered and prescribed as early as possible upon confirmation of a migraine diagnosis.

Dr. Silberstein explores various effective acute migraine treatments, both non-specific (used for conditions other than migraines) and specific medications. The various administration routes, dose ranges, and specific medications used are compared for different circumstances (acute, preventive, and rescue) of migraines.

Dr. Marmura shares some of the latest migraine treatment options, giving special attention to nausea as a symptom ­- 70-90 percent of patients with migraines have concurrent nausea and/or vomiting. This needs to be taken into consideration when prescribing migraine treatment options. Patients may also suffer from gastroparesis during a migraine headache episode, possibly delaying subsequent absorption of oral medications leading to a delay in peak serum concentrations and effectiveness.

To learn more specifics about the treatment choices for migraines, watch “Treatment Choices in Acute Migraine” presented by NeuroSeriesLive.


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