PlatformQ Health Education (PQH Education) is pleased to announce that we will be presenting a Lightning Round session at The 2017 Alliance Industry Summit (AIS 2017) May 22-24, 2017 in Philadelphia, PA. The AIS is an annual meeting of stakeholders in the Continuing Medical Education space that focuses on needs, accomplishments, and insights of industry professionals. The session, titled Inclusion of the Patient Voice: From Planning to Evaluation in Lymphoma Education, will be presented by PlatformQ Health Education staff Anne Roc, PhD, Senior Medical Director, Wendy Turell, DrPH, VP of CME Analytics, and Randi M. O’Hara, MA, Director of Education and Program Management.

The quick 10-minute session will present a case study – based on an ongoing patient education program on B-Cell Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL) – produced in partnership with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) and the University of Nebraska Medical Center, and supported by educational grants from Pharmayclics LLC, and Abbvie Company and Janssen Biotech, Inc., and Genetech.

Using the NHL program as an example, the PQH Education team will share information focusing on

  • formulating plans for a patient education program keeping in mind patient literacy and the importance of a patient-friendly and trustworthy approach
  • exploring how a patient-inclusive approach to education impacted patient experience living with NHL
  • adapting current educational planning to include patients in various phases of program development

If you’re unable to attend in person, please contact Wendy Turell at for a private demonstration.

Inclusion of the Patient Voice: From Planning to Evaluation in Lymphoma Education

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

9:56 – 10:06 AM EDT

Track: Lightning Round, Session Number: 2003


A patient directed education program was launched live and online on August 4, 2016 entitled “Patient Education on B-Cell Non-Hodgkin Lymphomas from Diagnosis to Treatment,” and archived online for 12 months. The program was put forth through a partnership between the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS), University of Nebraska Medical Center, and PlatformQ Health Education, under educational grants from Pharmayclics LLC, an Abbvie Company and Janssen Biotech, Inc., and Genentech.

A website was developed to host the education, with content informed through consultation with program faculty, an expert in patient literacy from the University of Nebraska, and patients living with LLS. A planning goal was to optimize the ease of use of the site by patient and caregiver learners. Program faculty included a physician moderator, a nurse practitioner, and a patient advocate from the LLS.

The program featured video vignettes of 2 patient survivors of NHL sharing their individual experiences regarding life with cancer. Content was divided into 4 discrete chapters, each of which panelist presentations and discussions, patient video vignettes, LLS tools and resources, audience polling, and audience question/answer breaks:

1) Understanding the diagnosis/B-cell NHL;

2) What tests to expect for B-cell NHL;

3) Treating the disease; and,

4) Self-care and resources.

A mixed methods research study was undertaken to assess the impact of the educational initiative on patient-related domains. Twelve semi-structured in-depth interviews were conducted with patient participants regarding knowledge, health-related self-efficacy and behavioral gains that have occurred since educational exposure. Patient learners were also administered online surveys targeting similar domains immediately prior to and following educational participation, as well as 8 weeks post-education.

Research findings and experiences regarding the qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the initiative, including hurdles related to patient education, will be shared.

We hope to see you Tuesday, May 23rd for the PlatformQ Health Education lightning round session at The 2017 Alliance Industry Summit. For more information, see our session page on AIS 2017. Find more information about how we include the patient voice in our education here.