Moving the Needle in Healthcare

As we reflect on the past year, we are particularly grateful for the connections we made with our partners, clients, and colleagues.

These connections helped us develop meaningful patient and provider education that impacted 22 million patients. 

Moving the needle in healthcare requires a collaborative approach to drive real behavior change among patients and providers. We believe these changes have the power to transform quality of life for each patient. 


Effectively Reach, Engage & Educate Providers

One of the most effective ways to educate the market is by creating an ongoing disease-state program as well as branded product education programs to help healthcare providers learn from principal investigators and other experts, both about the condition and about what makes your therapy unique.

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Use Engagement Tools So Providers Stay Longer And Return More Frequently

With 10+ years of producing results-driven video-only content, we’ve developed effective strategies to keep HCPs engaged. The most powerful way to keep providers focused on your content is to deliver information that is appropriate for them, whether it’s based on their specialty or their level of competency in a particular topic.

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Apply Micro-Engagement To Break Down Content

Micro-engagement or microlearning involves breaking down complex topics into short-form content, and typically sharing it through
social platforms. Augmenting a long-form program with microlearning is another means to connect with hard-to-reach specialists.

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Drive Engagement Among Hard-to-reach HCPs

Our unique distribution approach and exclusive partner network offers brands unmatched access to the right prescribers.

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“We all have our own stories – we have family and friends who’ve had healthcare challenges. And so we’ve all seen how connecting people to the right education helps them take control of their health. When I think about what that means for each patient and their family, that’s what inspires me each day.”


Robert Rosenbloom

President & CEO

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