Moving The Needle in Healthcare

As we reflect on the past year, we are particularly grateful for the connections we made with our partners, clients, and colleagues.

These connections helped us develop meaningful patient and provider education that impacted 22 million patients. 

Moving the needle in healthcare requires a collaborative approach to drive real behavior change among patients and providers. We believe these changes have the power to transform quality of life for each patient. 


Outcomes-Driven Education

We provide detailed outcome analysis, including longitudinal and meta analysis, to share a meaningful data story about the impact our programs have over time for patients and providers. We have a proven history of achieving Level 5 and Level 6 outcomes, ensuring that your educational activities deliver measurable results for clinical practice as well as patient outcomes.

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Commitment to Diversity

Healthcare has a long way to go to achieve health equity, but one evidence-based method to start tackling these disparities is through education. In close collaboration with our partnership network, we consider various health inequities and undersupported populations each time we develop an educational initiative. In doing so, we hope our education will bring greater awareness to healthcare providers about real life strategies to improve health equity while also encouraging patients to become advocates for equal and better care.

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Highly-engaging Learning Environments

Through years of producing outcomes-driven online education, we’ve gained a unique understanding of how to create high production value video programs that allow providers and patients to glean and retain salient information. Chapterized content, decision trees, live Q&As, and Q-Boards are proven techniques for keeping learners engaged.

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Specialized & Scalable Audience Generation

The PlatformQ Health verified member database and proprietary syndication network enables targeting to specialty audiences in a highly-efficient, scalable way. This allows our education to reach hundreds of thousands of healthcare providers in a wide range of specialties, optimizing our engagement and impact.

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“We all have our own stories – we have family and friends who’ve had healthcare challenges. And so we’ve all seen how connecting people to the right education helps them take control of their health. When I think about what that means for each patient and their family, that’s what inspires me each day.”


Robert Rosenbloom

President & CEO

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