When a leading biopharmaceutical company began looking for an innovative approach for its speaker programs, they reached out to PlatformQ Health. The company’s novel digital solution served both to generate excitement among the field force and to re-engage potential prescribers of the medication. 

The challenge

Competition is strong in the blood thinner market and the biopharmaceutical company was committed to elevating its brand in this space. However, their medication had already been on the market for several years, making it a challenge to spark the interest of cardiologists and other providers they needed to prescribe the medication.

The solution

The biopharma company hired PlatformQ Health to produce a series of video-based programs that would engage target prescribers. Armed with new data about how the therapy would affect two specific patient types, the company worked with PlatformQ Health to produce a speaker program featuring patient examples that would be relevant to potential prescribers. 

To reach prescribers online, they decided to host the program using PlatformQ Health’s National Broadcast series solution. This long-form, peer-to-peer video platform was the ideal solution to ensure providers understood the client’s message and had clear next steps on how to support and manage their cardiovascular patients using this therapy.

This end-to-end solution encompasses:

  • Professional production capabilities to execute seamless live broadcasts
  • Creation of a custom marketing campaign, including fully-branded emails sent to the CardioCareLive learning channel network  
  • Creation of enduring learning assets, available on demand
  • Seamless syndication on relevant publisher sites for greater reach
  • Campaign management and client services
  • In-depth reporting of program performance 

Key elements of the solution included:

  • Field force enablement. PlatformQ Health’s Client Services team produced a rich set of field enablement tools, including promotional emails and leave-behinds, to generate interest among field reps. This helped encourage reps to invite their clients to watch the program along with them. The Client Services team then delivered materials to help the client run an orientation session for the field, and worked with the field to register reps ahead of time. This helped drive field interest and ensured that everything went smoothly on the go-live date.
  • Legal and regulatory compliance support. Having worked with many of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies, PlatformQ Health’s client services team helped swiftly move the speaker presentation through legal and regulatory compliance approvals.
  • Project execution. Working closely with the client, the Client Services team developed a highly effective, tailored campaign strategy that included non-personal promotion via CardioCareLive, a trusted network for the target audience.
  • Digital awareness and engagement. Through polling questions and live Q&As, PlatformQ Health generated considerable engagement among potential prescribers.

Results from the Live Session

The time and effort that the Client Services team put into preparing the field paid off, with 974 cardiologists participating. 

The field reps took advantage of the program to increase touchpoints with providers, resulting in 900 reps watching the program with a customer. The rep-driven performance was 2.5 times the industry average for the cardiology sector.

Additional program results were equally impressive, with:

  • An average time in session of more than 37 minutes
  • 2,676 campaign engagements during the live broadcast
  • 974 video views by cardiology specialists

The brand manager was thrilled with the results of the campaign and how easy the PlatformQ Health team made the process. Their team was so impressed with the program they shared it as a best practices example as part of the company’s 2023 innovation day.

Want to learn more about our national broadcast solution and how to achieve results like these? Email us at digital@platformq.com.