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A Changing World: A Look Back on 2020

Mandated shutdowns and restricted activities solidified the need for a digital transformation across all business and lifestyle sectors in 2020. Although the shift to digital has been coming for decades, the coronavirus pandemic accelerated the process as virtual solutions became necessary to stay in the game. In 2020, PlatformQ Health’s...

NORD, FDA, and CDC Leaders Provide Rare Disease Community COVID-19 Vaccine Education Leveraging PlatformQ Health’s CONDUIT Solution  

NORD Hosts an Interactive Webinar Drawing More than 7,000 Registrants While the COVID-19 pandemic has been socially and economically devastating for us all, the rare-disease community faces a unique set of challenges. Seeking to address these challenges, the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD) leveraged Conduit - PlatformQ Health’s proprietary...

Clinicians Love Learning with PlatformQ Health

  • This activity has allowed me to better do a differential diagnosis between various neuropathies, some of them very similar in symptom presentation.

    Clinician learners after participating in Treatment Updates on Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP)


  • After viewing these presentations, I can make use of more tools and alternatives to better explain their disease, and to talk with my patients about other treatment approaches.

    Clinician learners after participating in AHA Conference Coverage Heart Failure Virtual Symposium (Clinical Spotlight on Novel Interventions for Patients with Heart Failure)


  • I am better at adjusting insulin therapy and individualizing the diabetic program for the patient.

    Clinician, after participating in Long-acting Insulins In Treatment Of T2dm: Aligning Provider & Patient Perspectives To Address Therapeutic Barriers


  • I am more competent in prescribing the appropriate drugs.  I also know how to involve my patients in health decisions to minimize non adherence.

    Clinician, after participating in HIV Update: Adherence Advances with New ART Formulations


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