This initiative is supported in large part by Daiichi Sankyo, along with additional funding provided by Gilead Sciences, Inc., and Pfizer Inc.

People of color, the elderly, as well as those living in rural areas are disproportionately affected by cancer, yet are severely underrepresented in cancer clinical trials. The lack of diversity in clinical trials leaves these patients at a severe disadvantage because there is little insight into the safety and effectiveness of therapies for them.

Representation in clinical trials is a key priority for the health ecosystem. Thus, clinical research should be representative of those affected by the disease with implications for patients and providers.

“We must advance the science for Black Breast Cancer to reduce the devastating mortality rates. This can only be achieved with clinical trial inclusion that is commensurate with the disease state. The current lack of appropriate representation in clinical research is simply unacceptable,” said TOUCH: The Black Breast Cancer Alliance Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Ricki Fairley.

Achieving equity in clinical trials will take a tremendous effort but is essential for the safety of all. To tackle this pressing challenge, Daiichi Sankyo spearheaded support of a tethered education initiative for patients, caregivers, and providers titled, “Community Partnerships to Achieve Equity in Lung and Breast Cancer Clinical Trials.” Leading advocacy organizations CancerCare,, and TOUCH: The Black Breast Cancer Alliance are deeply passionate about advancing this topic, and will be working alongside PlatformQ Health and Moffitt Cancer Center in developing this online educational initiative. 

“Bringing diverse representation to clinical trials is one of the great health equity challenges of our times,” said PlatformQ Health Chief Executive Officer Robert Rosenbloom. “These programs serve to empower providers and patients alike in embracing clinical research to improve outcomes. Given the importance of this work, we welcome participation from additional community partners in spreading this message.” 

“Bringing new agents and novel treatments to all patients is a crucial issue for the equity of all,” said Horace Clark, Vice President of Account Management for “We have a long way to go to achieve this goal. This educational program is a key step in the right direction to bring together key stakeholders in supporting patients and providers in embracing clinical research.”

The two-part program will encompass a digital engagement session in the fall of 2022 for patients and their families. As part of the session, PlatformQ Health will host an interactive panel where patients can talk with one another, share experiences, and hear firsthand from fellow patients who have participated in clinical trials. 

The live digital education program will serve to:

  • Demystify clinical research and explain common terms
  • Educate patients and families about the value of clinical trials as a treatment option and highlight why they are no longer a choice of last resort
  • Provide tangible support, advocacy resources, and trial finder tools

“When it comes to managing a cancer diagnosis, knowledge is power,” said Christine Verini, RPh, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for CancerCare. “It is important to us to participate in this program to educate and empower patients and providers about when and how to take advantage of clinical trials.”

Following the patient program, PlatformQ Health will host an educational activity for health care providers. This digital education program will help providers, especially those in the community settings, to:

  • Combat the persistent myths related to trial participation
  • Increase understanding of patients’ perceptions about participating in clinical trials
  • Gain culturally appropriate skills to counsel patients about clinical trials
  • Explore precision medicine and the impact on lung and breast cancer clinical trial eligibility 

After the live session, the content will be available on demand on PlatformQ Health’s trusted health care provider education channels, and

For information about participating in this important educational series, please contact us at 

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