A Collaboration in Online Rare Disease Education

Patients cannot wait for clinicians to learn about their conditions.

  • Clinicians need education about rare diseases to help them identify, diagnose, treat & prescribe for these conditions
  • All HCPs need education – not just doctors
  • HCPs need to hear from patients and their families first-hand about their challenges and experiences
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    Million people have a rare disease

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    5-7 yrs

    Average time to diagnosis

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Patient Viewing Rare Disease Program

The Next Frontier of Rare Disease Education

By partnering with NORD, the leading rare disease advocacy organization, we provide healthcare teams meaningful rare disease education to improve patient care. Together, we’re:

  • Designing and distributing disease-specific & general rare disease education
  • Leveraging top medical specialists, NORD’s foundation & patient organization members, and centers of excellence
  • Including the patient voice in HCP education
Sika Dunvoh Director, Education Programs NORD

Sika Dunvoh

Director, Education Programs

“Unfortunately, it can take several years for a person who has a rare disease to receive a diagnosis. Those years of unanswered questions are extremely difficult on families, and delaying treatment that long often has serious implications on a person’s health. Creating awareness of rare possibilities through education can shorten the diagnostic odyssey and improve the quality and timeliness of treatment.”

“No doctor wants to feel unprepared, and for the families who are facing a rare disease, the status quo isn’t enough. With NORD’s understanding of and connections to the rare disease world, and our technology and experience in continuing medical education, we hope to empower clinicians so they can guide patients to the best possible results.”

Robert Rosenbloom

CEO & President
PlatformQ Health

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