Collaboration is Key

Within a system as complex as healthcare, no great change can be accomplished alone. That’s why we pride ourselves on our partnerships.

For the past 12 years, we’ve brought together HCP member organizations, centers of excellence, patient advocacy groups, health systems, leading clinician experts, and real people affected by diseases to develop education that is meaningful to providers, patients, and their families. Together, we design education that:

  • Empowers patients to become more active participants in their care
  • Supports clinicians in improving diagnostic and disease management, enhancing patient communication, and staying ahead of emerging therapies

Leading education for patients and providers

The National Organization for Rare Disorders, KDIGO, Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, American Macular Degeneration Foundation, and Association of Cell and Gene Therapy have selected us as their exclusive CME partners. We also partner with advocacy organizations such as GBS|CIDP Foundation International, the American Society for Preventive Cardiology, and the Large Urology Group Practice Association to produce credible education for providers, patients, and caregivers.

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance
Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America


Hear what our partners have to say.

  • Our partnership with PlatformQ Health has been particularly important for providing timely, relevant information about a whole range of rare disorders.

    Katie Kowalski, Associate Director of Education

    National Organization for Rare Disorders

  • I love working with PlatformQ Health. Bringing together the experience of a patient with the expertise of a doctor is really unique and different and special.

    Ricki Fairley, CEO

    TOUCH – The Black Breast Cancer Alliance

  • Working with PlatformQ, we can provide education that not only includes factual content but the important perspectives of the people we’re trying to reach and serve.

    Susan T. Vadaparampil, PhD, MPH

    Associate Center Director for Community Outreach, Engagement & Equity, Professor, Department of Health Outcomes & Behavior, Moffitt Cancer Center

  • We recognize the vital importance of developing and embracing innovative techniques and treatments, and are committed to the advancement of physician education and delivery of care. Our longstanding relationship with PlatformQ Health supports those goals – together, we’re proud to provide reliable and easily accessible accredited education across therapeutic areas.

    Victor B Hatcher, PhD, Associate Dean

    Albert Einstein College of Medicine


Member Associations
& COEs

HCP member organizations leverage our platform to reach and educate their members

Patient Advocacy Groups

Providing patient groups resources to improve their members lives

Media & Distribution Organizations

Reaching active clinicians in an environment they trust through our proprietary tool

Accrediting Organizations

Delivering high- quality continuing education in joint providership with a variety of accrediting organizations

Work with us to:

  • Make a meaningful impact on the lives of patients and caregivers
  • Lift your mission to better serve your communities
  • Access health education outcomes reports that demonstrate educational impact 
  • Expand your educational library
  • Increase visibility to more healthcare providers
  • Gain marketing and distribution support
  • Develop a new recurring revenue stream

Collaboration opportunities:

  • CME and patient education
  • Clinical trials education
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Core curriculum
  • Translating clinical guidelines
  • Aligning with centers of excellence
  • Real-world quality improvement

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