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There are few times that impact a person’s life as much as when they learn they’re facing a new health challenge. Our team is dedicated to creating trustworthy digital education for clinicians and families that help them make informed, empowered decisions and see the best possible results.

We understand how clinicians and patients learn – and act on – information about diseases and therapeutic options, so we leverage our platform and partnerships with other leaders across the healthcare space to provide education that is appropriate for different learning levels, and can be integrated into real life.

Whether we’re engaging clinicians on the front lines of medicine or educating patients and their caregivers to help empower them to take control of their health, the goal is always the same: to deliver measurable improved outcomes by distributing the right education to the right person, at the right time.

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Designing Successful Pharma Brand Launches

Digital launches of new treatments can be a potent way to increase awareness about a new therapy, but often brands are unsure how to keep health care providers engaged throughout the long sessions needed to disseminate the necessary clinical information. There is a great deal of knowledge providers need to...

Survey Shows Patients & Caregivers Find Disease-state Education Empowering

A detailed survey of PlatformQ Health (PQH) digital education attendees found patients and families are realizing meaningful changes as a result of the learnings they gained during these programs. 333 participants across the PQH learning channels RareDiseaseLive, MedLive CancerCoachLive, and NeuroCareLive responded to the survey.  The vast majority (85%) of...

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