We’ve educated over a quarter of a million clinicians, and this year alone our education will help over 10 million patients and thousands of healthcare professionals better understand conditions, available treatment options, and the latest scientific research.

Our audience generation team focuses on deep engagements with the intended audience, and how effectively our education improves their knowledge, communication, and behavior. With the ability to reach 90 percent of U.S. HCPs, we specialize in engaging the right clinician with each activity – it’s how we see the average HCP watch more than 40 minutes of a program and why 87 percent of clinician learners have gains in knowledge after attending one of our activities. 

See how one of the fastest-growing health education networks in the world can make more of your education, leveraging our therapeutically-aligned partnership to deliver content to HCPs wherever they choose to learn on the internet.

Wide Reach into Active Specialists

Trust supports engagement, adoption, and implementation. Activities are delivered in therapeutically-aligned channels – on our sites, and across our partner network – making it easy for clinicians to find education to meet their needs.  No matter where an activity appears, clinicians know it will be aligned to their work, easy to attend, and interactive.

US Audience Reach

Oncology 91%
Neurology 78%
Cardiology 85%

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Meeting Learners Where They Are

Our education is available on other trusted sites, extending the reach of the content by bringing the education directly to the learner in a smooth, seamless experience.

  • Maximize reach
  • Great user experience
  • Responsive HCPs
  • Seamless tracking

Quality Engagement Comes From Strategic Audience Generation

Learn more about how PlatformQ Health maximizes reach and impact through focused audience generation campaigns.

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