Measuring the Impact of Patient Education

Understand what your education is doing in the hands and minds of patients and caregivers. Our suite of digital tools give an in-depth picture of patient engagement throughout programming and keep attention for longer.


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Finding Improvements

Our integrated learning management system and in-house outcomes team provides baseline and post-education follow-up data at multiple time periods, allowing us to measure improvements in knowledge, communication, behavior and more.  Our in-house outcomes team surveys learners again, 2 months later, to further measure the meaningful impact of a program.

Offering a Deeper Analysis

Sometimes a deeper evaluation is warranted. For supporters interested in learning even more about their educational impact, we offer expanded outcomes services including:

  • The Patient Activation Measure, a predictive powerhouse measuring impact on behavior
  • In-Depth Interviews, to provide thorough qualitative outcomes from learners
  • Quality Improvement partnerships, to zero-in on how specific policies affect day-to-day care

Disseminating Program Outcomes

We’re proud to be moving the needle, and that outcomes from our patient programs have been published and presented at a variety of reputable events and in peer-reviewed journals.

Read more about how we share the impact of patient education.

Conference Presentations & Awards

Abstracts & posters at major medical, industry, and advocacy conferences

Peer Reviewed Journals

Program & impact insights published in peer reviewed journals

White Papers

White papers published highlighting educational design, outcomes, & educational needs.

Video Overviews

Easy-to-share videos highlighting learning objectives and program highlights

Infographics & Reports

At-a-glance infographic reports and full, in-depth reporting allow you to share as much information as you wish internally.

PlatformQ Health Presents an E-Poster Presentation on the Positive Outcomes of Video-Based Patient Education at ASCO’s Virtual Scientific Program

Check out PlatformQ Health’s Contribution to ASCO’s Latest Cutting-Edge Oncology Research PlatformQ Health is excited to share a scientific poster that showcases the results from the patient and caregiver online educational program, Positive Knowledge and Behavior Shift Following Video-Based Patient Education on Pancreatic Cancer. The poster was accepted as a moderated poster at the 2020 American […]

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PlatformQ Health E-Poster Presentation – Competency and Knowledge of CGRP Blockade in Migraine Therapy: Influence and Continuing Need for Education

How PlatformQ Health is Embracing Virtual Conferences  PlatformQ Health is excited to share a poster that showcases the results from the continuing medical education (CME) program, CGRP Blockage: The Evolving Landscape of Migraine Therapy, that was accepted at the 2020 American Academy of Neurology (AAN) Annual Meeting. But like most other medical conferences, the 2020 […]

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PlatformQ Health E-Poster Presentation: Education on Atopic Dermatitis Activates Knowledge and Behavioral Shifts among Caregivers, Patients and HCPs

PlatformQ Health is excited to share results from an HCP and patient education initiative that were to be presented as two uniquely focused poster presentations at the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology’s Annual Meeting and the American Academy of Dermatology’s 2020 Annual Meeting, respectively. PlatformQ Health collaborated with the Asthma and Allergy Foundation […]

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