Uniquely positioned to deliver online speaker programs to the right clinician, engaging clinicians throughout the brand journey.  Our interactive and efficient long-form peer-to-peer programs engage target customers with your approved content longer…in an environment they trust.


Interactive Peer-to-Peer Engagement

Engage HCPs with live & on-demand peer-to-peer education in an environment they trust

Reach Clinicians Where They Are

90% reach into target audience through custom marketing campaigns & our syndication network
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Long-Form Peer-to-Peer Programs

Promotional programs average 20+ minutes or 50%+ total video length

End to End Services

We manage video production, marketing, and client services for live & pre-recorded programs

See why we’re the go-to solution for brand and marketing teams who want quality engagements that make a lasting impact.

% Clinician Reach

Therapeutic Websites

Average minutes viewed per session

Provide Additional Resources for Targeted Participants

Round out your campaign, extend your reach and increase exposure of your most engaging digital content with a digital resource hub. Clinicians access directly through your program’s video player and from direct follow-up email marketing.

Drive awareness

and create engagement with your existing digital assets

Opportunity to Download

Feature your most important resources to further awareness with your brand or disease state

Pairing Your Personal & Non-Personal Promotion

Maximize engagement by leveraging your live online broadcasts with your field force, and add scale and measurability to your personal promotion.

Learn more about field force enablement

Learn more about peer-to-peer education with PlatformQ Health can help you reach your goals

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