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Patients and caregivers are becoming more active in their care, and increasingly expect to share in decision-making – so educating clinicians may not be enough to drive meaningful improvements in outcomes. To address the needs of families managing different conditions, PlatformQ Health offers live and enduring educational programs across 5 patient learning channels:

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As with the professional education offered by PlatformQ Health, patient and caregiver programs are created in collaboration with premier partners and apply best practices of healthcare communication theory, to support internalization of the information presented. Partners for patient programming include:

These educational modules allow learners to ask questions and interact with the faculty and presenters, respond to live polls, and access additional resources in real time during the live online broadcast. The live program is then recorded and made available to learners in variety of ways, and across several digital channels. Last year, patient programs saw:

86 questions asked before and during the live program

137 votes on in-program polls

43 minutes + average live time in session

Relying on the same outcomes capture technology as our accredited clinician programs, our patient programs have already made a big impact.

58,114 total learners reached through in platform and social media-based education

56% reported improvements in communication with their HCPs

43% reported health related behavior improvements

Want to learn more about our patient education? Check out some case studies on B-Cell NHL education and diabetes education, or contact us directly.