Education – Empowerment – Better Outcomes

Patients need trustworthy, actionable education to help them understand a disease they’re facing and empower them to take control of their health. PlatformQ Health is committed to creating convenient and engaging education for families facing a broad variety of conditions. Together, with premier advocacy groups, we can create education that deeply impacts patients at scale.

Designed for Real Patients

Our video-first digital learning environment measures a broad variety of engagements – educational gains, behavioral changes, questions asked, poll questions answered, and more. Programs are available on any device, from anywhere in the world, we’re able to meaningfully improve the health of far more people than other educational options – without wasting resources on overhead.

Patients Educated

Minutes Watched

Questions Asked

Poll Questions Answered

% Improvement in Communication with HCP

Designed for Real Patients

Patients are taking an increasingly active role in their care. Our programs are interactive and designed to provide them with the information they need to make the right decisions for their lives and families, and connect them with additional resources for ongoing support.


Patient Voice

Experts-by-experience serve as panelists and moderators alongside clinicians, advocates, and care partners to provide holistic perspectives.

Keeping Attention

Video content and integrated digital engagement tools throughout the environment and programs hold learners attention for longer.

Health Literacy & Communication Theory

In-house experts check every program to make sure content can be easily understood and applied to learners’ lives.

Reaching the Right Person

Our digital strategists collaborate with advocacy partners to ensure programs are delivered to patients and caregivers

We leverage a variety of educational formats to reach a program’s goals. Our platform is flexible enough to support:


Personalized Learning &
Serial Education

Carefully curated, sequential activities that help patients build knowledge at each step, bring individuals toward a better understanding of their condition and options.

Quality Improvement

Design education based on specific, real-word practice issues. We help consumers facing different health challenges make financially-savvy decisions about their care.

Aligned Education
For Patients & Clinicians

Individual activities for clinicians and patients/ families who personally face a condition supporting the doctor-patient relationship and shared decision making.

Measuring Impact

  • What did learners take away from my program – and did they make lasting behavior changes as a result of the activity?
  • How effectively did my program capture audience’s attention?
  • How did learners choose to participate?

Our integrated learning management system provides valuable insights into learner preferences, engagement, knowledge, and behavior change than ever before.

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    Average time in session

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    Polling responses

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    Questions asked prior to/during live event

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    Slide Downloads

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