Do You Want To Be Part Of The ASGCT 2024 Gene Therapy Curriculum?

ASGCT (American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy) and NORD (National Organization for Rare Disorders) have partnered exclusively with PlatformQ Health to produce accredited gene and cell therapy education with top specialist experts. Together, the companies will deliver continuing medical education for clinicians as well as educational programs for patients and their families.

“This strategic partnership is crucial for helping providers and patients make the most of their understanding of emerging therapies,” said PlatformQ Health CEO Robert Rosenbloom. “It is extremely gratifying to partner with a deeply committed professional membership society such as the American Society of Gene & Cell Therapy to deliver education about life-altering new therapies.”

Target Provider Participants Will Include:

  • Primary care physicians (IMs/FPs/GPs, OB/GYNs)
  • Pediatricians
  • PharmDs
  • Genetic counselors
  • Neurologists
  • Oncologists
  • Researchers
  • Payers/Health Systems
  • Other aligned HCPs in care of patient on Gene & Cell Therapy

Reaching Targeted Participants Through Microlearning

In addition, with your support of this program, we will develop four non-accredited microlearning videos with highly targeted content presented by KOLs that addresses gene and/or cell therapy in relevant disease states.

Through a unique partnership with IQVIA, these four videos (2-4 minutes each) will be distributed via LinkedIn to targeted physicians. PQHE will report to what extent these videos were consumed, up to and including completions. When used to complement longer form education, micro-learning modules can increase educational impact and retention. The approach for this initiative also allows for a therapeutic focus layered on to a solid broad-based curriculum.

Click here to see the microlearning clip.

Past experience in Gene Therapy Education

Our 2020-2021 inaugural Gene Therapy Congress drew almost 2,000 learners and resulted in this publication of our educational outcomes at the 2022 ASGCT Gene Therapy Congress.

Industry-leading approach to outcomes: Respected as industry leader in CME and patient education outcomes reporting. We show outcomes at different times throughout the program each including select participation, demographic, and engagement metrics.

    • At-a-glance (45 days post-launch)
    • Interim (120 days post-launch)
    • Final (60 days post-expiration)


The American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy (ASGCT) is the primary professional membership organization for scientists, physicians, patient advocates, and other professionals in gene and cell therapy. Our mission is to advance knowledge, awareness, and education leading to the discovery and clinical application of genetic and cellular therapies to alleviate human disease. Our members work in a wide range of settings including universities, hospitals, government agencies, foundations, and biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. 

Download the ASGCT Media Kit.

The ASGCT Patient Education program provides accurate, reliable, and accessible information about gene and cell therapies to patients and the public. ASGCT collaborates with patient advocacy groups to make sure the information is clear and useful, while members of the ASGCT Patient Outreach Committee use their expertise in the field to provide scientific accuracy. 

What Makes Our Education Different


Digital First

Professional production and integrated engagement hooks mean a better learning experience & more insights



Targeted education delivered in dedicated learning channels makes reaching the right learner easy


Collaborations With
Leaders In Field

Member organizations, Centers of Excellence, and accrediting organizations specific to your program offer unique perspectives


Audience Generation &
Program Distribution

Broad reach into targeted specialties, delivering education to clinicians in environments they trust



Measure what matters – gains in knowledge, competence paired with engagement metrics for greater insight


Digital Outcomes
Easy To Share

In-depth outcomes & impact reports plus sharable insights on programs like infographics and publishing opportunities

Do you want to be part of the 2024 ASGCT Gene & Cell Therapy Curriculum?

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