Alliance Annual Conference

PlatformQ Health Education (PQH Education) was proud to send several delegates to the 2018 Alliance Annual Conference January 21 and 22 in Orlando, Florida. The Alliance Annual Conference is the largest gathering in CME, and this year’s theme was Destination: Patient Outcomes. Our Journey to Improving Patient Care. In addition to presenting two sessions and being honored with a leadership award, the PQH Education team had the chance to learn and connect with other leaders in the field. One of the newer additions to the PQH leadership team, SVP of Education Kathy Pucci, had this to say about attending the event:

“Wow! Just returned from the 2018 Alliance Annual Conference held this weekend in Orlando, Florida. What a meeting! The overall focus was an exciting one: the importance of having the patient voice heard in all educational endeavors. Starting with the opening session “Understanding the New Era of Empowered, Engaged e-patients” the meeting tone was set by highlighting the importance of tying in patient education and empowerment into clinician CME education to ensure better outcomes. Session after session focused on the importance of engaging the patient, from the early research stages to keeping the patient engaged throughout the entire experience. By partnering clinician education with ongoing patient education, better outcomes and metrics will be achieved with real impactful results.”

This was especially important for Pucci – who joins PQH from the National Kidney Foundation and MedScape (WebMD), and serves on the committee of the Patient Focused Medicines Development Initiative (PFMD), a global collaboration that seeks to understand, improve and standardize patient engagement – as she has taken charge of expanding and enhancing patient-oriented educational offerings across the PlatformQ Health network. She continued,

“On Monday a session called “The Impact of the Patient Voice: Patient Education Insights that Inform Professional Learning Modules” stressed the importance, once again, on patient education. Throughout the day participants discussed the importance of securing alliances with patient advocacy groups and societies to help partner and design successful patient education modules.

Sessions on virtual technology and digital innovation showed the overall advances being made in healthcare education for the physician and their healthcare team and for the patient.”

Pucci joins PQH after the release of several patient programs ranging from B-cell NHL to diabetes, and Pseudobulbar Affect Disorder to bladder cancer, which were developed in partnership with premier patient advocacy organizations and centers of excellence. The network plans to expand its patient programming is by increasing and deepening such partnerships, continuing to evolve its digital platform, and enhancing the actionable insights they are able to provide by further refining outcomes protocols for patients. Pucci concluded:

“This meeting always brings together the educators on the front line who are designing and implementing impactful CME education, and this year was no exception.”

To learn more about the PlatformQ Health network of therapeutically-aligned channels for patients and clinicians, please email Lauren Alford at LAlford [at] platformq [dot] com.


Kathryn PucciKathryn Pucci is our Senior Vice President of Education –  she expands and enhances patient-oriented educational offerings across the PlatformQ Health network. Learn more about her background and vision for patient health education.