November is National Diabetes Month and PlatformQ Health is excited to support the awareness and empowerment of patients and caregivers managing diabetes by providing them with interactive education.

National Diabetes Month is a time when communities across the country team up to bring attention to diabetes and its impact on millions of Americans. PlatformQ Health has produced dozens of diabetes education programs for clinicians on DiabetesSeriesLive, and through an expanded partnership with Joslin Diabetes Center, diabetes education programs were developed specifically for patients and caregivers, on diabetic retinopathy and to help them understand the new, long-acting insulins in an educational event titled New Long-acting Insulins for the Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes: Patient Perspectives. The long-acting insulins program focused on how Type 2 diabetes can change over time, how different insulins work, and when a long-acting option might be a good choice. Check out this quick clip from the program:

Panelists for this program included:

  • Richard S. Beaser, M.D., a practicing physician in the Joslin Clinic who holds the position of Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School.
  • Lyle D. Mitzner, M.D., a clinician educator at the Joslin Clinic and an assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Mary Paschal, RN, MS, CDE, a registered nurse and certified diabetes educator at the Joslin Diabetes Center in Needham, Massachusetts.
  • Roger, a patient who lives with Type 2 diabetes and has experience with long-acting insulins

Find more information about this program here, and get free access to the full educational program here. Want to learn more about the education we offer patients, caregivers, and clinicians? Email us!