PlatformQ Health Rare Disease Day

Our team works with amazing partners like GBS|CIDP Foundation International, the Carcinoid Cancer Foundation, and the ILD Collaborative to create education for the rare disease community all year round: the healthcare professionals who treat these conditions, and the patients and caregivers who live with them.

On Rare Disease Day 2019, we acknowledge the realities of daily life for people around the world who are managing a rare disease. Taking medicines, attending appointments, doing physical therapy, using special tools and equipment, and accessing social and community support services can all be in a day’s work – in addition to going to work, attending school, and more. The theme of this year’s Rare Disease Day is “Bridging health and social care,” and our team was happy to participate in the global #ShowYourRare campaign.


“We work with leading advocacy partners to champion a better future for families managing rare diseases, and make education so patients and carers can learn from the best. How do you #ShowYourRare?”

Executive Vice President, David Murphy









“Before anyone is a patient, they are a person. On #RareDiseaseDay2019, we bring attention to the connection between health & social care so affected families get the help and support they deserve. I #ShowMyRare, do you #ShowYourRare?”
Dir of Product Marketing & Partnerships, Lauren Alford








“I’m so lucky to have the chance to serve patients and caregivers affected by rare diseases every day. #RareDiseaseDay2019 offers us an extra opportunity – if you haven’t yet, #ShowYourRare!”

Vice President Patient Education and Strategy, Carole Drexel








“Parents can have rare diseases. Kids can too. So can our brothers, our sisters, our friends. 300 million people worldwide face the challenges of having a rare disease, and today I’m glad I can #ShowMyRare to raise awareness. Join in and #ShowYourRare!”

Director of Graphic Design, Jeff Flynn