How PlatformQ Health is Embracing Virtual Conferences 

PlatformQ Health is excited to share a poster that showcases the results from the continuing medical education (CME) program, CGRP Blockage: The Evolving Landscape of Migraine Therapy, that was accepted at the 2020 American Academy of Neurology (AAN) Annual Meeting. But like most other medical conferences, the 2020 AAN Annual Meeting was canceled due to COVID-19 and all accepted posters are now being featured online.

PlatformQ Health has chosen to share their accepted poster using their own proprietary Videobridge technology that allows presenters to speak on behalf of their research from the safety of their own homes. This is the same technology that was used to host and produce the CME program the poster addresses.

Poster presenters, Carole Drexel, PhD of PlatformQ Health Education and Mark Green, MD of Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai are pleased to share their research virtually.

About the Poster

Advances on the CGRP pathway in migraine pathophysiology has led to an emerging class of agents with improved ef­ficacy and safety in preventing migraines. Clinicians who manage migraineurs are challenged to apply these advances in practice. The poster describes the influence of online continuing medical education on addressing clinician gaps in knowledge and application of advances in migraine management.

Data Highlights

  • The activity reached over 1,000 learners with 80% of those being MDs, NPs and PAs
  • 84% of learners reported the activity positively impacted patient outcomes with 49 write-in examples
  • Responses from all the test questions showed statistically significant improvements
  • Taken together, the data support the positive influence of live-online CME in improving clinician understanding of migraine pathogenesis, and the role of and implementation of CGRP antibodies in migraine prevention.
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