We’re proud to sponsor the 3rd annual Chief Patient Officer Summit, and to participate in an important conversation about improving equitable representation in clinical trials. With five years of producing digital education focused on trial diversity, we’re pleased to be able to share insights into strategies that can change behaviors and break down barriers to trial enrollment.

Join us for this thoughtful discussion!

Digital Education’s Role in Breaking Through Patient Trust Barriers to Increase Diverse Representation in Clinical Trials 

Increasing diverse representation in clinical trials involves overcoming several barriers – such as  education, access, awareness and equity. Diverse representation in clinical trials is imperative so all patients can be treated most effectively. The biggest challenge to overcome is patient mistrust and misunderstanding. Credible patient and community-centered health education is a powerful means to break through this challenge and build trusting relationships between providers, researchers, and under-supported populations. In this timely discussion, expert panelists will share:

  • The importance of patient voice and diverse representation in health education and clinical trial experience
  • Success stories from recent digital education programs centered around diversity in clinical trials
  • Insights gained through patient and provider educational programs and the ability to activate diverse communities to learn more and engage in the clinical trial process.


  • Carmen White, Director of Multicultural Experience, Pfizer
  • Ricki Fairley, Founder and CEO, TOUCH – the Black Breast Cancer Alliance
  • Kathryn Pucci, SVP of Education, PlatformQ Health, Inc.

Session time:  11:30am, Wednesday, July 19, 2023