Learn about our multi-year curriculum funded by AstraZeneca to deliver interactive digital education to patients and providers. Focused on chronic lymphocytic leukemia, the program featured a live panel of experts as well as a patient sharing her journey. See the results of this multi-year tethered program featuring branched learning paths.

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Timelapse of Patient and Provider Surveys Reveals Valuable Insights for CLL Educational Needs

Targeted treatment regimens have significantly improved overall survival for patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). The emergence of new options such as BTK inhibitors has shifted the treatment landscape significantly, bringing a pressing need for education for providers, patients, and caregivers. […]

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A Patient-Centric Outcomes Approach That Impacted 26 Million Patients in 2022 

PlatformQ Health had 20 posters accepted at major medical and healthcare conferences during 2022. We’re pleased to share the posters, highlighting key outcomes from our educational initiatives across an array of therapeutic areas. Oncology 2022 Alliance Industry Summit Supplemental Digital Resources  CME Program Closes Critical Knowledge Gap in Cancer Immunotherapy Treatment  Presenting Education Outcomes at […]

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Navigating the New World of Microlearning: Reaching and engaging specialists

As many continuing medication education (CME) program funders will tell you, finding ways to reach medical specialists is often a conundrum. Not only is their time in high demand but they have a plethora of choices when it comes to continuing education. […]

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7 Strategies to Improve CME Outcomes

High-quality education takes shape when the needs of patients and providers are anticipated and met through an ever-evolving education model. […]

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