Improving practice and health outcomes through serial digital education for HCPs, patients and caregivers

PlatformQ Health is approaching one year since the launch of its digital initiative to educate HCPs, patients and caregivers on pediatric epilepsies. This year-long, tethered, digital education series featured leading experts, advocacy organizations and families addressing the challenges of  Dravet Syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome (LGS).

This series was created to equip HCPs with education to help them better recognize, diagnose, and treat these conditions, while also addressing the full burden of disease and its adverse effects – including clinical and non-clinical, quality-of-life and financial issues that arise for patients and their caregivers. Similarly, caregivers and families were given their own track of programs, released throughout the year, offering best in class and practical information to help families advocate and provide the best care for their loved one.

Compared to a single session, educational series provide for improved impact among participating clinicians, by offering deeper insights and the multiple opportunities to address practice gaps and reinforce evidence based decision making. Additionally, this series was also tethered, meaning that the outcomes reported from the patient education session informed the clinician education session. The tethered education model equips patients, caregivers and clinicians with the skills, approaches and best practices needed to support shared decision making and treatment goals.

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