Free White Paper on Targeted Serial Education and Formative Evaluation

Educational Design

How formative analysis impacts educational design

Partnering With Leading Experts

Education designed in collaboration with Joslin Diabetes Center faculty

Insights Into Action

How insights lead to more targeted education and more impact

Download your free copy of Better Targeting of Serial Education through Formative Qualitative Evaluation, a 2018 Alliance Industry Summit Best in Class Outcomes Award Recipient.

Two live online educational activities were developed in collaboration with Joslin Diabetes Center, enabling clinicians to better understand the pharmacology of the new long-acting basal insulins when treating with type 1 and type 2 diabetes, including their indications, methodology and place in the therapeutic spectrum.

Learn about:

  • How open-ended case-based discussion and evaluation can create a more targeted, actionable educational design
  • How to turn these findings into action items
  • Qualitative & Quantitative outcomes and case study
  • Clinician insights post-educational activity, including patient barriers
  • Future educational recommendations