Gone are the days when organizations could rely on big in-person events for their community building and education efforts. Organizations now need a different, fresh approach – one that offers a mix of live and ongoing digital education and engagement opportunities that their communities can tap into whenever is best for them.

Launched in 2010, PlatformQ Health’s mission is to improve health outcomes through trusted digital education and engagement. As the leading provider of sustainable, digital education and engagement solutions, we work with over 70 partners each year to design, develop, and deploy credible, reliable health education for clinicians, patients, and caregivers.

Partnership engagement is essential to our programs. From subject matter expertise to community engagement strategies, organizations like yours are essential to the success of health education programs. From our side, we use our capabilities to lift your mission, help you create additional revenue opportunities, demonstrate impact within your community, and expand your digital footprint. We are passionate about the work we are doing with all of you now, and we are eager to deepen our relationships to better meet your strategic goals and mission objectives.

Partnership Benefits and Value

Our approach has intrinsic value to the partner organizations we work with on so many levels. Whether it is providing access to a state-of-the-art digital education platform to partnering to raise the necessary funds to offer trusted education to healthcare providers and patient communities, PlatformQ Health sees partnership as a core discipline.

Revenue: Because of the time period we are in today – mid-COVID 19 pandemic headed toward recovery – revenue generation and innovative, recurring revenue streams capable of generating income are so important right now to many nonprofit organizations. Many nonprofits are seeking to identify, enhance, or augment their current funding efforts. PlatformQ Health has the expertise and track record to help secure recurring revenue for its partners using its digital education and engagement platform.

Mission Impact: In addition to providing added revenue that supports your mission, PlatformQ Health works with you to develop an end-to-end digital education and engagement strategy that is sustainable and able to lift your mission. PlatformQ Health creates digital educational programs that can be promoted on your website and are accessible to your community. We also provide health education outcomes data in a few different forms that can assert your impact within the community and the support of your mission.

Visibility, Awareness, and Recognition: Finally, PlatformQ Health can increase your recognition and visibility through our digital channels and marketing efforts. Our value centers around elevating your brand awareness and its extension into the marketplace. Working with us on an initial project can often lead to other projects and ways that we may be able to support your own educational efforts.

As part of our commitment to our partners, we are delighted to introduce our new quarterly strategic alliances newsletter, where we will share exciting and relevant initiatives in flight at PlatformQ Health and our partners. If you want to receive the newsletter, please reach out to Randi O’Hara.

Meet the Team

We recently established a new Strategic Alliances team to support your digital education needs and interests. Our Strategic Alliance work is led by:

Randi O’Hara is our Senior Director of Partnerships.

Randi has extensive experience in the patient advocacy world having worked for leading non-profit, health services organizations. Everyone at PlatformQ Health has deep appreciation for our partners’ commitment to mission, your community, and for advancing and sustaining the critical services you provide. We look forward to working more closely with you.

We look forward to our continued collaboration,

Randi O’Hara