Advances in disease-modifying therapies for multiple sclerosis can improve the quality of life of patients – yet rapid changes to the treatment landscape left knowledge gaps among providers and patients. In addition, for patients to play a role in their own  making, they also need to understand treatment options, side effects, side of disability progression, and strategies to manage functional losses. PlatformQ Health sought to meet these knowledge gaps through tethered education.

This included 60-minute sessions for providers, patients and caregivers, as well as a joint provider/patient audience. To objectively assess outcomes, PlatformQ Health administered test questions immediately following the session as well as two months afterwards.

Responses from learner polling and follow-up surveys demonstrated positive outcomes across the board. 

Of the 1,640 provider learners, there were 354 polling responses and 177 write-in responses. 79% of these learners reported the activity positively impacted patient outcomes and experiences while 89% reported that the activity positively impacted clinical practice.

For the patient/caregiver sessions, there were 68,599 total attends and 67,194 Facebook views, with 66% reporting positive impacts on health-related behaviors and 50% reporting positive impacts on communication with providers.

The results will be presented at CMSC 2021 Annual Meeting Health and Safety Protocols. 

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