Immune checkpoint inhibitors have brought tailored treatments for patients with a variety of cancers. This is changing the face of treatment and the practice patterns clinicians have for everything from diagnosis to testing, adverse event management, and survivorship care. 

To help clinicians prepare for these changes, PlatformQ Health and the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer produced a four-part CME activity featuring educational slides, panel discussions, live polling, and Q&As. 1,909 learners participated in the sessions, which covered timely topics, including

  • Biomarker usage for checkpoint inhibitor selection
  • Adverse event management
  • Survivorship care
  • Checkpoint inhibitors and combination therapies in the metastatic setting

The educational outcomes were presented by Tariqa Ackbarali, MS, PhD(c), Senior Medical Director, PlatformQ Health at the 2021 Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer Annual Meeting, which brings together stakeholders across the cancer immunotherapy field to advance the science, discover breakthroughs, and educate the world about cancer immunotherapy. 

After the CME session, 74 percent of learners reported that the activity positively impacted their clinical practice while 61 percent of learners reported that the activity positively impacted patient experiences and outcomes. 66 percent of learners reported that the activity positively impacted their confidence in managing grade 3 or higher irEAs.

In terms of knowledge acquisition, surveys conducted prior to and after the sessions

found a 13-15% increase in competence concerning irEA management strategies and a 18-21 percent increase in knowledge regarding ASCO’s recommendations for irEA management. 

In addition, open-ended responses to behavioral impact questions illustrated clear improvements in clinician-reported patient impacts, including improved tolerance of treatments, quality of life, and overall wellness.

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