Digital Education Tackles Competency Gaps in Understanding Gene and Cell Therapy

The proliferation of gene and cell therapies is transforming medical care for many previously untreatable conditions. This brings a steep learning curve for clinicians seeking to understand the science, identify and counsel patients who are good candidates for this treatment, and manage their condition.

On Wednesday May 18th, Carole Drexel, PhD, Medical Director & Vice President of Patient Education will present a poster at the 2022 ASGCT Annual Meeting at 5:30PM in Hall D, demonstrating the ability of digital education to improve healthcare provider (HCP) competency when preparing for a change in care delivery.

Download the full e-poster. 

ASGCT recently partnered with NORD and PlatformQ Health to produce a Gene Therapy Congress designed to:

  • Explain the potential of gene-based treatment approaches to change the disease course for patients with genetic conditions,
  • Discuss the role of genetic counselors in educating patients and caregivers
  • Identify specialists and specialty care centers that patients may be referred to for further evaluation

1,841 learners, including primary care providers, cardiologists, hematologists, oncologists, nurse practitioners, and other clinicians attended the live session. Prior to the learning session, 66% of participants stated that they were not confident at all in explaining what gene therapy is and what it does for patients. 

Polling was conducted after the session to gauge the impact of the learning. 95% of learners reported the activity positively impacted their ability to identify patients who

may benefit from gene therapy. Additionally, pre- and post-session polling showed marked improvements in learners’ competency in understanding types of gene therapy, the FDA’s role in new approvals, and clinical trial opportunities. With the rapid increase in these types of treatment options, there is a growing need for ongoing medical education in cell and gene therapy.

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