In light of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, PlatformQ Health’s oncology team recognizes your need for information on practice changes to allow you, clinicians on the front line, to continue treating and protecting vulnerable patient populations. Several of our educational partners and leading cancer organizations are at the frontlines of the COVID-19 response – proactively preparing guidance for oncology teams and their patients. To help, we have compiled links to these resources to guide your decision-making during this time.

Healthcare Professional Resources

Caring for Cancer Patients Amidst COVID-19: Guidance from Leading Cancer Organizations

JNCCN: How to Manage Cancer Care during COVID-19 Pandemic.
Lessons learned from early experience of experts from Seattle Cancer Care Alliance

ASCO Coronavirus Resources
Includes FAQs from members regarding patient care, provider & practice preparedness, and policy updates (ASCO, CMS, NIH, CDC, FDA)

NORD [National Organization for Rare Disorders]
Coronavirus Prevention and Risk for Rare Disease Community

The Uromigos!
Podcasts on the latest developments in GU cancers; moderated by Dr. Brian Rini of Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center and Professor Thomas Powles at Barts Cancer Centre

Patient Resources

Coping with Cancer During the COVID-19 Outbreak: Resources for Patients and Caregivers from our Partners
Patients and families dealing with a cancer diagnosis don’t have the luxury of pushing pause on that part of their lives. Together, patients, families and clinicians work together provide optimal care during this unprecedented time. Our team will continue to support these efforts by providing online medical education to keep HCPs and patients up to date with the latest medical information relating to these diseases.

In addition to disease-specific education, cancer patients and families need trusted information about what the COVID-19 crisis means for them. Several patient and advocacy organizations have proactively prepared guidance to assist during this time:

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Helping Blood Cancer Patients Adjust to a New Normal
What is COVID-19; Precautionary Measures; Who to contact if you suspect infection.

Carcinoid Cancer Foundation
Coronavirus and Cancer Patients

Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network
Coronavirus and Bladder Cancer

Susan G. Komen
Coronavirus information for Breast Cancer Patients

CLL Society
Coronavirus and CLL

Aplastic Anemia and MDS International Foundation
Guidance for Bone Marrow Failure Patients

Our partners continue to amaze us with their support of patients and caregivers during this time. While communities #stayhome, trusted online resources, videos and support groups will be there to provide important medical information.

Our oncology team will continue to work with our partners to develop and provide online education to support HCPs ( patients and caregivers (, as we have for years.

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