Check out some of the e-poster sessions PlatformQ Health presented online!

In-person medical meetings were off the table this spring and summer, making it difficult for conferences to disseminate important information. We leveraged our videobridge technology to give faculty and experts a platform to share insights from the numerous posters accepted, sharing insights from our CME and patient/caregiver activities.

Click below to view the posters and hear from expert panelists from institutions like Joslin Diabetes Center, Harvard Medical School, National Pancreas Foundation, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and others as they discuss the impact of digital-first, online education.

AAN 2020 E-Poster on Impact of CME  

The positive impact of CME, demonstrating improvements in the differentiation of CIDP & GBS in the hospital setting.

Two E-Posters in Diabetes CME at ADA 2020 

Serial online education breaking down primary care provider barriers to insulin therapy & gaps in interdisciplinary collaboration.

HCP & Patient Ed at AAAAI & AAD Annual Meetings 

Tethered education for HCPs and patients in atopic dermatitis led to improvements in behavior, patient activation, and more.

Online Patient Education Outcomes at ASCO

Immediate & sustained gains in, knowledge, behavior, shared decision making and more for pancreatic cancer patients.

E-Poster in Pediatric Nursing Care at ONS 2020 

Insights from CME of more than 3,000 HCPs in managing pediatric neuroblastoma, and the power of digital education.

Emerging Agents in Migraine Threrapy at AAN

Video and e-poster sharing impact of digital education in CGRP blockage in migraine therapy and impact on HCP practice.

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