Chronic kidney disease is a widespread, serious health condition that often goes unrecognized by patients and providers alike. One in three adults in the United States is at risk for kidney disease, and as many as 90% of people with kidney disease do not know they have it

Launched today, a new partnership between Kidney Disease: Improving Global Outcomes (KDIGO) and PlatformQ Health will provide dynamic and engaging content designed to improve health outcomes among individuals living with or at risk for chronic kidney disease. Programming will include clinical medical education.

“By translating the latest science into clinical recommendations and observations, we can affect change that can improve the health and quality of life for people with kidney disease,” said KDIGO Chief Executive Officer John Davis. “KDIGO is excited to work with PlatformQ Health, a leader in digital education and engagement, on developing valuable content and programming.”

For two decades, KDIGO has been a trusted resource for the global nephrology community. Through this new partnership, KDIGO is extending its reach to patients and primary care providers, who play a key role in improving kidney health. 

By partnering with organizations like KDIGO, PlatformQ Health produces digital health education programs that provide the latest medical information to clinicians and their patients. Through its outreach efforts and partnership network, PlatformQ Health reaches a wide range of clinicians and patients around the country.

KDIGO and PlatformQ Health will develop and host interactive courses on PlatformQ Health’s virtual learning channels to educate clinicians and patients about chronic kidney disease. Healthcare payers can also take advantage of these training programs to improve outcomes for their members. 

“When it comes to kidney disease, knowledge is power,” said PlatformQ Health’s Chief Executive Officer Robert Rosenbloom. “From preventive measures to new therapies that may slow disease progression, there is much promise for helping those at risk. We are excited  to work with KDIGO to help empower clinicians and patients to improve care and outcomes.”

About PlatformQ Health

PlatformQ Health is the leading provider of interactive digital medical education for clinicians, patients, and caregivers. To improve patient care, PlatformQ Health Education creates video-first educational modules with premier partners, so learners can better understand conditions, available treatment options, and the latest research. The company’s proprietary platform allows participants to engage in real-time discussion with scientific, research, and patient care experts.


KDIGO is the global organization developing and implementing evidence-based clinical practice guidelines in kidney disease. Its mission is to improve the care and outcomes of patients with kidney disease worldwide through the development and implementation of global clinical practice guidelines. KDIGO is an independent, volunteer-led, self-managed charity incorporated in Belgium, accountable to the public and the patients it serves.

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