Aligned Education Fosters Better Understanding Between Patients and Providers

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The 2022 American Society of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology (ASPHO) Conference brings together hematology/oncology professionals for premier education and networking. We’re pleased to share that the conference has accepted our poster abstract “Impact of Patient-Provider Initiative on Treatment of Pediatric Neuroblastoma,” to be presented by Tariqa Ackbarali, MS PhD of PlatformQ Health, Navin Pinto, MD of Seattle Children’s Hospital, Giselle Saulnier Sholler, MD, MsC of Levine Children’s Hospital, and Jennifer Saggia, MSN, CRNP of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

As new information emerges about the clinical and biological risk factors of pediatric neuroblastoma, it is essential for treatment strategies to be tailored to individual patients. PlatformQ Health held an aligned patient/provider education session about pediatric neuroblastoma treatment and clinical trial options, supported by an educational grant from Y-mAbs Therapeutics, Inc. The session also revealed learning gaps between provider’s perceptions of patients’ treatment knowledge, helping to align the expectations of providers, patients, and their families. 

94% of the 404 health care providers who participated reported the activity positively impacted patient experiences and outcomes. One provider noted that the educational program offered “a positive impact on counseling patients regarding safety, different treatment options, and shared decision-making for the optimal individual choice.”

The results demonstrated that providing patient and family perspectives to providers can impact clinical practice behaviors, improve patient/family healthcare communication and confidence, as well as treatment knowledge. Ultimately, this can improve the ability to provide evidence-based treatment for patients.

The patient session garnered 13,352 engagements, with 92% of patients and caregivers reporting that the activity positively impacted communication with their provider, and 87% reported they felt more in control of their healthcare decisions. 

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