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The Value of Authentic Patient Voice in Digital Education

Why is incorporating the patient voice in medical education so impactful to both patients and providers? By producing digital education sessions that feature both providers and patient speakers, we can sensitize clinicians to the patient journey, sparking practice changes that improve quality of care. Uncover how our patient voice education model fosters patient-centered care in our latest article featuring the National Organization for Rare Disorders.

“Understanding where a patient is and what they take away from a visit helps providers learn how to approach that discussion differently,” said PlatformQ Health Senior Medical Director of Patient Education Tariqa Ackbarali. “These are learnings they can take back and apply immediately in their practice and with their team.”


Partnership Webinar Series: Tethered Education

Tethered Education: Closing gaps and breaking down barriers between patients & providers

Join our team and Stephanie Chisolm, PhD, Director of Education and Advocacy at the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network and Dr. Neal Shore, Chief Medical Officer, Surgical Oncology and Urology at Genesis Care, US for a live and interactive webinar on Tuesday, July 26th at 11AM ET. 

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The Latest in Our Blog Series

Powered By Partnerships Infographic – Making a Difference in Healthcare Education

In collaboration with our partner network, we design education that helps clinicians understand diseases and how to communicate with their patients and empowers patients to become more active participants in their care.


Nurse Spotlight: Improving Clinical Trial Access with LLS Pediatric Nurse Navigator Kelly Laschinger

Researching clinical trials is a formidable challenge. Figuring out which trials offer the most promise to a particular patient is a monumental job, with life-altering implications. That’s where nurses like Kelly Laschinger come in. As manager of the Clinical Trial Support Center at The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS), she is part of a team of nurse navigators helping guide patients and providers through the complexities of identifying appropriate trials for treating blood cancers.

The Future of Cell and Gene Therapy

As gene and cell therapies become more mainstream, our collaborations with organizations like The American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy (ASGCT) are crucial to building awareness among clinicians who will need to understand how these treatment modalities work.

Survey Shows Patients & Caregivers Find Disease-state Education Empowering

A detailed survey of PlatformQ Health (PQH) digital education attendees found patients and families are realizing meaningful changes as a result of the learnings they gained during these programs. 


Our Newest Strategic Alliances

AMDF Partners with PlatformQ Health to Bring Impactful, AMD-related Digital Education to Providers and Patients

The American Macular Degeneration Foundation (AMDF) and PlatformQ Health have forged an exclusive education partnership. Together, the organizations will deliver cutting-edge, deployable information about macular degeneration to providers, patients, and their families. 

ASGCT Partners with PlatformQ Health to Bring Impactful, Timely Gene and Cell Therapy Digital Education to Providers and Patients

The American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy (ASGCT) has formed a strategic alliance with the digital technology and education company PlatformQ Health to deliver in-depth digital education programs for clinicians as well as patients and families.


Participate in our Partnership Webinar

We will be working closely with our partner network to produce a series of webinars featuring key opinion leaders from advocacy organizations about medical education topics like the patient voice, tethered education, health equity, clinical trials, health outcomes and more. If you are interested in collaborating with us on one of these webinars, please email Randi O’Hara at 

Single Program or Strategic Education Collaborations

Let us be your partner in all things medical education. With over ten years developing patient and clinician digital education programs, we can help you reach your goals and identify new key opportunities. 

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